Clintec International Celebrates Rare Disease Day

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Clintec International supports Rare Disease Day 2018

Clintec International joins the global community to celebrate Rare Disease Day 2018 in full solidarity with all patients suffering from rare disease conditions around the world. Clintec’s Ginger Rotundo will join patients, legislators and allies at the annual event in the UMass Club, Boston, to recognise and support Rare Disease Day and the research done in Massachusetts to treat and cure rare diseases. This year’s theme is research, and we hope our support will raise awareness of the inherent need to further research Rare Disease, whilst increasing the research into these conditions, along with therapeutic solutions for patients. At Clintec, we want to let patients know that we are united in the challenge to advance rare disease treatments.

As a Clinical Research Organisation with a wealth of expertise in conducting global clinical trials, and advanced expertise in conducting rare disease clinical trials, Clintec understands first-hand the struggles that these patients often endure, including a lack of available knowledge on the condition, a lack of available treatment, and even misdiagnoses, failed treatments, and huge expenses. Furthermore, we understand the challenges in conducting these clinical trials, particularly in paediatric populations. Clintec’s teams of expertly-led professionals appreciate the importance of patient referral networks for achieving recruitment targets, and take advantage of Clintec’s global footprint to execute trials with a focused, flexible and forward-looking approach. We are at the frontline of research in rare diseases, working 24/7, in over 80 countries to ensure that the most effective and highest quality therapeutic solutions are made available to those in need, wherever they may be.

By partnering with leading pharma and biopharmaceutical companies, Clintec has introduced life-saving drugs to patients around the world, including the MENA region. Clintec’s commitment to corporate social responsibility has driven these projects, ensuring that high-quality therapies are available and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Learn more about our clinical trials in rare disease here. To enroll in our upcoming studies, or to find out how Clintec can support you with conducting your clinical trial, contact [email protected]. Alternatively, if you’re interested in joining our team of dynamic, industry-leading professionals, visit

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