By delivering high-quality clinical data that’s both useful and actionable, our world-class e-clinical systems make your study much more efficient.

Empowering the team

Technology and innovation are the backbone of successful clinical trials. That’s why we employ the latest class e-clinical systems to deliver consistent high-quality clinical data. Quick access to meaningful data means you know what’s happening in your trials earlier – and can adapt to any challenges quicker.

Flexible, forward-thinking

Always forward-thinking, our technology suite offers the flexibility to implement the very latest technologies as they become viable.

Our Top 10 Technology Investments Powering Your Trial

  • Clinical Trial Management System (Medidata CTMS)
  • Data Management System (Medidata RAVE)
  • Clinical Data Storage and eTMF (Veeva Vault)
  • Statistical Analysis (SAS Analytics Pro)
  • Epicor ERP
  • Document Storage System (Doc-Link)
  • HR and Payroll (MHR iTrent)
  • Recruitment System (LinkedIn Recruiter)
  • Client Relationship (Salesforce)
  • Microsoft Office 365

We invest in technology which enables us to scale up our business even further. We offer flexibility through our e-suite, keeping our clients’ needs at the heart of what we do.

Medidata is a world-class, robust platform built for the most challenging of global trials and also supports full Risk-Based Monitoring. To read more about how we utilise Medidata EDC to produce flexible, forward-thinking solutions to your clinical trial, click here.

Veeva Vault is the market leader clinical trial content management platform and delivers:

  • One source of the truth for all aspects of the study
  • Full integration of internal and external technology
  • Seamless data entry and reporting for end users


Fully integrated

Medidata CTMS and Veeva Vault are fully integrated, allowing for automatic transfer of documents between CTMS and eTMF. Medidata CTMS and RAVE EDC are also fully integrated, so data is instantly available to sponsors, monitors, and study teams – and any corrective actions can be made quickly.

Full study reporting

With over 50 standard reports available within Medidata and Veeva systems, a complete view of study progress is available through sponsor and Clintec defined metrics and KPIs. Additional ad hoc reporting can also be created within the system to produce sponsor-customised reports, sponsor specific metrics or KPIs.

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