Senior Global Rescourcing Executive | Germany

“Clintec is not an ordinary company where senior management are distant and just visible at conferences or our corporate brochures or webpage. We are growing fast but they still know how important it is to keep their feet on the ground regarding communication with the core of the company, it’s staff. I joined and was welcomed from day one. It’s sometimes hectic here even although I’m home office based in Germany, but I’m proud to be a Scot in Europe representing the best Clintec values to potential new members of the company.”

Clinical Operations Manager | USA

“I have finally found a company that sees my talent, uses my skills appropriately and wants me to grow! I have the opportunity to expand my horizons in a fast growing company and take my team to new heights. It’s a great feeling to be with a company, a team, a family that allows me to have a happy, healthy work, life balance and encourages both!”

Clinical Operations Manager | South Africa

“There are so many great things about working at Clintec. I value the working relations I have with the Clintec employees, there is always an open opportunity to change career paths and the flexibility within the company is so refreshing. It is understandable why so many Clintec employees invest in a long career with this company. Clintec’s outstanding company culture and values allow for all employees to feel as they belong. Clintec provides the opportunity to work for the best CRO in the industry.”

Clinical Operations Manager | Philippines

“I am relatively new to Clintec, and my first impression of the company is that we are treated as a family; with a healthy working environment which fosters camaraderie among the team. I am looking forward to experience more growth, successes, milestones with Clintec family!”

Senior Clinical Research Associate | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I am enjoying my career journey with Clintec with more progressive and with better productivity way. Clintec leads by example with enormous and rewarding opportunities among employees”

HR Advisor and Analyst | United Kingdom

“I started Clintec with the knowledge that there are real opportunities for career progression – I’ve now experienced this first hand.”

Global Resourcing Executive | Australia

“In Clintec I have felt that I have been listened to and had my career goals and dreams fulfilled with the opportunity to travel.”

Clinical Research Associate | United Kingdom

“Teamwork is an essential part of Clintec, and we work together to meet deadlines and deliver work to the highest standard. The company has expanded since I started and there are many opportunities arising within the ClinOps team. Clintec definitely offers a challenging and rewarding working environment where success is recognized amongst all employees.”

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