Global Feasibility Studies

Study success starts with recruitment. And recruitment success starts with choosing the right global region.

Our Feasibility team can help you identify the best place to run your study and source high performing investigators for your trial.

  • 80% of trials fail to meet enrolment timelines (Source: National Institutes of Health)
  • 40% of oncology trials fail to meet the minimum patient enrolment (Source: National Cancer Institute)

Tailored feasibilities

The first stage is a detailed protocol review. Working with medical experts, we’ll flag up any design or operational issues from a cultural, operational or regulatory perspective. It also helps us develop questions that will achieve the most accurate and relevant responses to form a comprehensive feasibility questionnaire that’s completely tailored to the needs of your trial.

Our investigator database spans 75 countries in over 20 indications.

Extensive network

A vast investigator database covering 75 countries, and longstanding relationships with Investigators and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) puts us in an unrivalled position to recommend the sites best suited to run your trial.

In-depth analysis

Incisive insights from staff with local knowledge coupled with rigorous analysis from our Medical Affairs team help us identify any potential recruitment or operational challenges – and give recommendations for how to mitigate them. Data from the questionnaires is then further analyzed as we move forward to help you arrive at the very best strategy.

Find out more about how we have invested in the best in class E-Clinical Technologies and our Project Management Office to provide you with leading quality services.

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