Patient Recruitment and Retention

The vast majority of studies fail in recruitment, despite the fact that recruitment and retention generally account for between 35%-40% of the study budget. Like you, we take the view that failure simply isn’t an option.

For that reason, we devise a strategy early in the clinical design process. We look at enrollment metrics, risk identification, mitigation processes, and periodic patient recruitment review meetings. Everything that’s needed to drive success.

  • 80% of trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • According to research from the National Cancer Institute, 40% of oncology trials fail to meet the minimum patient enrollment.

A tailored approach

By identifying recruitment challenges early, we can tailor the enrollment plan to the exact requirements of your site. We work closely with project teams to analyze target patient population and study specific enrollment criteria. It’s critical to recruitment success.

We have over 17 years of successfully recruiting and retaining patients in the most complex global studies, often in rare indications.

Site Engagement & Support

We understand the complexities and commercial pressures associated with recruitment. With a global network of Site Support Experts based in 50 countries and working across 30 more, we can provide expertise that’s specific to the local and cultural needs of any given region.

Our robust, global network has helped us to build strong, priority relationships with high recruiting sites.

Study Awareness

Educating potential patients about the study is integral to successful recruitment. We create an awareness campaign strategy which can be developed for the overall study. Tools may include:

  • Patient advocacy groups
  • Education tools across multiple mediums (print, video, internet)
  • Community training sessions
  • TV, Radio, and Print advertisement
  • Referral network planning (and related tools)
  • Google search optimization


What our teams really excel in is their people-focused approach. We’ll work with you on motivational strategies to ensure patients remain in the program. This can involve providing a patient concierge service to assist with travel costs and planning and providing caregiver support. We can also look at supporting patients through emails, texts and phone calls.

We’ll assess every specific challenge and tailor support to help you reach your recruitment target.

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