Risk Based Monitoring

As demands on monitors become ever greater, traditional methodologies are becoming less and less effective. That’s why we take a more centralized approach to monitoring, that takes advantage of risk based methodologies and broader team participation. Our approach ensures the wellbeing of the study participants, as well as the integrity of the data.

Expert team

Each study is assigned a dedicated centralised project team of experts including project management, clinical monitoring, data management, medical monitoring and biostatistics. With every project, we partner with you to identify the inherent risks in all aspects of the study – with particular emphasis protocol, regional and site considerations.
Our in-house monitors are highly skilled at reviewing study data and identifying trends; providing valuable insight for your on-site monitoring team.
Reports come from the Project Management Office, who highlight key KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), as set out by the sponsor.

Flexible Approach

Flexibility is key in everything we do and we offer both centralised and on-site monitoring. We work with one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, using their own in-house systems to perform risk based monitoring.

Through our innovative technology platform, we deliver risk-based monitoring strategically tailored to your needs.

Find out more about how we have invested in the best in class E-Clinical Technologies and our Project Management Office to provide you with leading quality services.

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